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Chicken & Pasta

Chicken Tenders - $13.99

A true southern original! Hand breaded, deep fried & served with choice of side & salad.

Aloha Chicken - $13.99

Marinated in soy sauce & fruit juices, topped with pineapple & served with choice of side & salad.

Blackened Chicken Pasta  - $14.99

Blackened chicken tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce & garnished with mushrooms, tomatoes, parmesan cheese & served with garlic bread (Blackened shrimp pasta for only $15.99)


Plain 'Ol Chicken - $12.49

8oz. chicken breast seasoned, grilled & served with choice of side & salad (Ask for it smothered with cheese, mushrooms & onions $1.99)

Cajun Chicken - $14.99

Blackened, pan seared & topped with mushrooms, onions & cheese in a Cajun cream sauce.

Chicken Tender Basket - $9.99

A smaller serving of our Chicken Tender plate, served with Fries and choice of dipping sauce.

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